Tuners from Manhart introduced 700-hp BMW X5 M

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest and most powerful SUV in the world. Its 4.4-liter engine develops 575 hp, which is enough to compete even with more expensive supercars and light. However, some still believe that the motor power could be higher.
Manhart Performance Atelier presented a package of improvements for the X5 M (F85), which allows you to make more powerful German SUV. Tuners offer to install a different exhaust system with new pipes and stainless steel silencer, as well as to reprogram the engine control unit. With these changes, the engine will already develop 700 hp at 6500 rev/min.
While experts Manhart Performance has not published data and dynamic tuning BMW X5 M, but we know that they have given up the electronic speed limiter and now SUV can accelerate to 315 km/h. The cost of these improvements was estimated at 7,700 euros.
For off-road vehicle is also available in a number of visual improvements. For example, the tuners offer pasted body X5 M matt gray film, understate the suspension using H & R springs and install the 22-inch wheels BBS. These improvements will cost the client more in the 1,188 Euros.
If desired, the company is further ready to be installed on the front of the small screen AWRON, which can bring a lot of useful information (for example, the performance data of the motor).

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