Tuners from JE Design finalized Seat Leon ST Cupra

JE Design Tuning studio has presented a package of improvements for the “charged” wagon of Seat Leon ST Cupra, which have the liking of all those who believe the power drain version insufficient.
The performance of the standard 2.0-liter turbo engine (280 hp) was increased to 350 “horses” and 440 Nm of torque. How many seconds required tuning wagon to accelerate from zero to hundreds of still unknown, but the maximum speed of the vehicle can now reach 280 km/h.
In addition to improving engine performance, the tuners are also installed on the Seat Leon ST Cupra aerodynamic. Universal received an additional spoiler on the front bumper, massive wheel arches, side skirts and a carbon fiber rear diffuser.
Version of JE Design is painted black and has underestimated on 20 mm suspension. The companies are offering to install on the car 19-inch wheels OZ firm ATS or with tire covers dimension 265/30 R19.
The package also included modifications exhaust system made of stainless steel with a flap, which has three modes: Normal, Sport and Cupra. When activated, the first two engine sounds very restrained. Another thing Cupra mode – it opens the damper completely, and juicy roar of the engine is distributed in four 80-millimeter pipe exhaust system.

foto-je-cupra-st_01 foto-je-cupra-st_02 foto-je-cupra-st_03

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