Tuners from Irmscher accessories prepared for the new Astra K

Tuners from Irmscher studio, specializing in fine-tuning the Opel and Chevrolet cars, announced the completion of a new program of Opel Astra K.
Customers can order a car new grille with stainless steel or carbon plate, a new front bumper, as well as a set of different bands on the body to customize the appearance of the model.
In addition, the tuning Irmscher studio offer for the new Opel Astra to a set of branded wheels are available with diameters from 16 to 19 inches, and sports underestimated on 30 mm suspension.
With regard to technical improvements, it is still in the company did not have time to prepare a program to increase the engine output. But they are reported to be working in this direction and will soon be able to offer the possibility of increasing the impact of power units at 30 hp.


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