Tuners from Hennessey turned Ford F-250 VelociRaptor

Built on a Ford F-250 pickup truck Lariat, this raptor c confidence pulls where he was forced to slow down Hennessey Excursion. Tuners saved “hundred-fiftieth” from the loading area, putting in its place a crossover feed c three-section rear door – enough to turn lifeless corpse Excursion in. Photos of the interior yet, but Hennessey promised that in three rows of the F-250 VelociRaptor can fit up to eight passengers. However, the second row can be replaced by a pair of high-seats, but the capacity of the interior of this will fall to seven people. In addition, customers can choose from several engines. Basic Ford F-250 VelociRaptor is equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 with 411 hp at and 549 Nm of torque or a 6.7-liter “eight”, develops 440 “horses” and 1193 Nm. Those to whom this power is small, can draw attention to an upgraded 6.2-lit. equipped with two mechanical superchargers, allowing to increase the return to 600 or 650 hp For all of these propulsion configurations of four-wheel drive is standard. In addition, customers can pour a crossover into the “oven” more SUV-coal – an option available to a massive bumpers (front and rear), winch Warn, alloy wheels and LED-panel. If Excursion in time was created to compete directly with the Chevrolet Suburban, the Hennessey VelociRaptor based on the F-250 is aimed directly at the high-end supercars, because its price is 159 500 thousand dollars. The model is already available, but the company warns that the transformation of the F-250 in the “dinosaur” will take about six months.

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