Tuners from GeigerCars prepared 765-horsepower Viper ACR

German GeigerCars studio experts finalized the Dodge Viper ACR, which is one of the fastest track in the world of supercars. Tuners increased returns 8.4-liter V10 engine from the original 645 to 765 hp, and therefore in terms of performance modified Viper ACR coupe proved comparable to the Ferrari F12 tdf. Such a significant increase in power GeigerCars specialists achieved by installing new intake valves and catalytic converters, as well as a new camshaft. In addition, the tuners equipped supercar a more efficient exhaust system and reprogrammed engine control unit. Additionally, the companies are offering to install on the Dodge Viper ACR aerodynamic Extreme Aero Package with a massive front splitter, carbon inserts on the front bumper and an enlarged rear diffuser. This body kit will significantly increase the already substantial downforce supercar. In addition, the customer can order a set of ultra-light alloy wheels. For all the above improvements in GeigerCars asked about 46 000 dollars.

foto-gc-viper-acr_03 foto-gc-viper-acr_02 foto-gc-viper-acr_01

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