Tuners from G-Power pumped BMW M4 GTS track coupe

BMW M4 GTS Track coupe is the fastest production sports car of the Bavarian automaker, but experts from the G-Power company presented the program of completions, which allows to make the car even more powerful. The original version of the model is equipped with a 3.0-liter “six” twin-turbo, which develops 500 hp and 600 Nm. German tuners offer to finalize the turbine, to reprogram the engine control unit and install a new exhaust system, after which the engine output increase to 615 “horses” and 760 Nm of torque. Tuning version BMW M4 GTS accelerates from zero to hundred in 3.6 seconds (0.2 seconds), while in the G-Power studio deactivate the electronic speed limiter, so that the maximum speed of the coupe can reach 320 kilometers per hour (15 km + / h). In addition, companies prepared simplified refinement program with which the motor can be increased to 575 out forces. For a surcharge customers can order 21-inch wheels branded drives. The cost of the upgrade is not specified.

foto-g-power-m4-gts_03 foto-g-power-m4-gts_02 foto-g-power-m4-gts_01

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