Tuners from G-Power added to power the coupe BMW M235i

The Bavarian G-Power company unveiled capacity increase program for the coupe the BMW M235i. Tuners offer to equip the vehicle plug-BI-TRONIK 2 V1, which will increase the productivity of the standard 3.0-liter V6 engine with 326 hp (450 Nm) to 380 “horses” and 530 Nm of torque.
Thus it appears that the tuning version of the BMW M235i by G-Power was even more powerful than the new the BMW M2, the engine power of which is 370 hp (465 Nm). The cost of completion is 2429 euros.
From zero to hundreds modified two-door accelerates in 4.5 seconds (regardless of the type of transmission). This is 0.5 seconds. drain faster version with mechanics and 0.3 with faster versions eight-speed machine.
Tuners from G-Power also offer to remove the electronic speed limiter, bringing BMW M235i maximum speed will increase from 250 to 300 km/h. It will cost another 903 euros.

foto-m235-gp_02 foto-m235-gp_01 foto-m235-gp_03

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