Tuners equipped with Rolls-Royce Phantom engine 2JZ-GTE

The portal Engine Swap Depot informs that Japanese tuners from the studio J and K Products managed to install a turbo engine Toyota on the pre-stalying sedan Rolls-Royce Phantom. We are talking about the famous unit 2JZ-GTE, which was additionally subjected to certain modifications. Information on the finalization of the exterior of this phantom is not, but the Japanese slightly changed the cabin of the limousine. So, directly below the wooden dashboard appeared a boost pressure indicator and a universal device for displaying various parameters, while tuners installed a gear selector lever on the center tunnel, although the usual RR Phantom comes with a paddle switch. The company’s specialists have completed the 3.0-liter V6 engine with the help of HKS components. In particular, the motor received forged pistons. Plus the original turbine was replaced with GReddy T78-33D, while the tuners additionally installed the compressor HKS GTS8555. As a result, the power of the engine, which at Rolls-Royce Phantom works in tandem with the modernized six-speed automatic from Toyota Aristo, has grown to 900 hp. Dynamic characteristics of the sedan and the cost of improvements are not disclosed.

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