Tuners from Carlsson studio covered S-Class W222 gold

German tuners from Carlsson company demonstrated at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 gold-plated CS50 sedan Versailles Edition, built on the flagship Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222. The model name refers to the reign of King Louis XIV (1638-1715), which is known as the Great and Louis the Sun King. It was under his leadership was built luxurious Palace of Versailles. So the body of the car Carlsson CS50 Versailles Edition 1000 is covered with gold tiles measuring 80 by 80 millimeters, which create a certain pattern. This work takes 200 man-hours. Another 100 man-hours needed to cover the external parts 30 and 278 sedan interior elements gold 985 samples. Plus, tuning S-Class by Carlsson sports a different upholstery and 20-inch wheels with an unusual pattern. Depending on the equipment, the price of the modified version varies from 268,000 to 395,000 euros. The company did not hide the fact that the main market for this model is China, where already ordered ten cars and a total of 25 pieces will be released.


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