Tuners from B & B have added power to the VW Scirocco hatchback

In the German studio, B&B prepared a program of modifications for the hatchback Volkswagen Scirocco with 2.0-liter petrol turbo engine TSI.
In the stock version of the model, this engine produces 200 hp. And 280 Nm, but the tuners managed to increase its performance to 309 forces and 432 Nm of torque. It turns out that the modification from German tuners turned out to be more powerful than the “charged” 280-strong Scirocco R.
How can specialists atelier managed to achieve such a significant increase in power is still unknown, but B & B Automobiltechnik notes that the process of finalizing one car takes about 6 hours, including the final diagnosis of the machine.
The dynamic characteristics of the 309-strong Scirocco were not disclosed. Recall that the factory version is gaining a hundred from a place in 7.1 seconds so that the modified version simply must be faster. The cost of the program is not specified.

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