Tuned Mercedes C400 4Matic by Lorinser company

Lorinser Atelier, specializing mainly in the finalization of cars Mercedes-Benz, again appealed to the favorite brand, announcing the tuning program for the 4Matic C400 sedan. Unabashedly describing his work as “a true masterpiece”, Lorinser offers car, equipped sport bumpers, darkened grille, with original wheels and exhaust system with two twin chromed tailpipes. Under the hood, Mercedes C400 4Matic is a 3.0-liter “six”, which boosted to 389 hp and 580 Nm of torque, i.e. increase was 56 “horses” and 100 “Newton”, respectively. But these improvements have affected the speed characteristics of a sedan, company representatives say it is not in a hurry. However, when you consider that the original takes first hundred in 5.2 seconds, it can be assumed that the version of the Lorinser easily do it in five seconds flat.

foto-c400-lorinser_02-650x433 foto-c400-lorinser_03-650x433 foto-c400-lorinser_01-650x433

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