Tuned BMW Z4 with a V10 engine

Fans of the BMW Z4 were very disappointed to learn that Munich does not plan to produce M-version of their favorite car. After all, the standard Z4 engine has an output of “only” 306 hp which can be increased to 333 hp M-installation package. And then there is Manhart Racing, tuner with 25 years of experience to refine the engine BMW, which offers a set in a small coupe Z4 huge V10 from model M5. Manhart could be placed in the engine compartment BMW Z4 big engine, while also increasing its capacity from 507 to 550 hp Speed limiter 250 km/h, of course, was thrown in the trash, only the maximum speed of BMW Z4 tuning the V10 is not yet known, and to disperse hundreds took 3.9 seconds. In addition, Manhart Racing installed on my baby 6-speed manual transmission of the BMW M5 E60, had taken from her clutch and differential. The car put on the 19-inch wheels of different width front and rear, as well as replace the standard exhaust system with a new stainless steel from AC Schnitzer. Now, fans should be pleased.


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