Toyota Yaris 3 generation Hatchback was 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, which in the line of powertrains model replaced the 1.33-liter engine. Replacing the engine allowed us to make the car a little bit faster and more economical.
The new engine was on the 12 hp more powerful than its predecessor. Forces developing unit 110 and 136 Nm of torque available from 4400 rev/min. From zero to hundreds hatchback with this engine accelerates in 11.0 seconds (- 0.7).
The new 1.5-liter engine uses a technology shift operation with Otto cycle to Atkinson cycle, depending on the driving mode. In addition, the Yaris with this engine was the first model in the history of Japanese brand water-cooled exhaust manifold.
The company’s specialists have noted that such a decision “limits” of the exhaust gas temperature, thereby eliminating the need to enrich the mixture to reduce combustion temperature. This makes the engine more economical and environmentally friendly.
Specific data on fuel consumption in the Toyota has not yet named, but according to the Japanese, 1.5-liter unit was on 12% more economical prezh. Recall that the hatchback with a 1.33-liter engine to 100 kilometers on average requires 4.9 liters of fuel.