New Toyota Yaris (3) hatchback 2016, prices and equipment

In late 2010, Toyota unveiled the new Yaris/Vitz hatchback, who began to look more sporty and aggressive than its predecessor. New Yaris 3rd generation grew by 100 mm long, 50 mm increased its wheelbase, 35mm of which went to increase the rear legroom of passengers. The width of the trends remained the same, and the height was reduced by 20 mm. In addition, the Toyota Yaris hatchback “lost” 30 kilograms, so that its total weight is exactly now the ton. According to the creators, the appearance of the new model should help boost sales among men, as the car of the former generation favored, mostly women. For the European market the new Toyota Yaris 3 presented in the summer of 2011, and its world premiere at the motor show in Frankfurt, which has finally become all the details about this car.
The hatchback is available with one of three engine options. The base is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine capacity of 69 hp (93 Nm), working together with a 5-speed manual. From zero to hundreds of the most modest version of the Yaris accelerates in 15.3 seconds, and its top speed is 155 km/h. The second engine – petrol “four” volume of 1.33 liters, giving out already 99 hp (125 Nm). Working in tandem with the CVT, the powertrain provides a top speed Toyota Yaris 2013 to 175 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.7 seconds. Finally, on top of the scale is a modification of a 1.4-liter diesel engine. To disperse hundreds she takes 10.8 seconds, top speed – 175 km/h, average fuel consumption in the combined cycle is claimed 3.9 liters per hundred kilometers. The total output of 100 hp sostavalyaet and apparently this version can be distinguished by a different front end design with the other bumpers, a modified grille and optics. In the European market in 2013 Toyota Yaris stable demand, the price there ranges from 10,990 to 20,690 euros.

Updated Toyota Yaris 2016.

Toyota has updated the Yaris hatchback 3 generations, which, after restyling has lost three-door body version. Hatchback rear trunk lid slightly changed, and LED lights have got sections. In the car changes considerably less – we can only note the emergence of new elements of the climate control installation and a little the refined center console. The range of available power units remains the same. Among the technical innovations of the manufacturer notes the improved sound insulation and an upgraded suspension, will improve the handling and comfort of the car. Sales of the updated 2016 Toyota Yaris in Europe, will start in the fall, prices will be announced later.

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