Toyota Supra is the dream of many fans of Japanese cars class GT, and is relatively expensive. Prefix Supra (Supra) is the location above anything. Initially, Toyota used the name “Supra” to refer to the most advanced cars that were released in 1967. The first generation Toyota Supra was based on the model Celica – they had the same door and back. But the automaker has increased supra front part, to put it straight six-cylinder engine. Very popular model began to use in 1986, came to light when the third generation in the body A70. Toyota Supra MA-70 was produced until 1993, and in early 1992, the premiere of a compartment of the fourth, the last to date generation. Its naturally aspirated version of the 2JZ-GE produces 223 hp (280 Nm at 4 800 rev/min), and a turbocharged 2JZ-GTE (Japanese specifications) develops 280 power and maximum torque of 431 Nm.
In addition, for the US and European capacity of the power unit increased to 320 “horses”, which provides acceleration from zero to hundred in 4.7 seconds. Maximum speed Toyota Supra IV reaches 285 km/h, but two hundred and fifty works electronic limiter. The Japanese version is set more strict “collar”, which does not accelerate faster than 180 km/h. As transmission on the Toyota Supra Turbo set 6-speed manual Getrag (Toyota V160), while the machines are equipped with an atmospheric engine, 5-speed manual (W58). At the same time, both options are available with an optional quad machine (A340E). After restyling in 1996, the updated Toyota Supra 4 received a modified bumper and lighting equipment. Overall length of the compartment is 4514 mm, width – 1811, height – 1275, the amount is equal to the wheelbase of 2 550 mm. Now buy a Toyota Supra IV can be in the secondary market at a price of $12,600 to $14,000, depending on the engine model year and condition. However, the market offers little. For more popular model for his role in the film “Fast and Furious”, and even Toyota Supra is a great vehicle like for drift, and for drag racing thanks to rear-wheel drive and a powerful engine, which has a good potential for tuning.

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