The Toyota company brought to the exhibition of consumer electronics CES prototype of a car equipped with a system of completely autonomous driving a new generation. It is based on the Lexus LS600hL representative saloon of the previous generation.

The car was created in the company’s own research department, Toyota Research Institute (TRI). The prototype includes Platfrom 3.0: the newest autonomous driving system developed by the Japanese company.

Among its distinctive features: a new circular radar system Luminar LIDAR with a range of 200 meters. It consists of three scanning heads, which constantly monitor everything that happens in the perimeter of the car. Earlier, the “long-range” lidar from Toyota could scan only the space of the car in front. LIDAR proximity sensors are able to recognize not only adults but also children, as well as small items that are on the road.

In the previous version, the main structure was located on a remote rod on the roof of the car. In the new version, TRI asked for help from the Californian design studio Toyota CALTY. There they developed a new design that does not spoil the appearance of the representative sedan.

The Toyota Research Institute says that Platfrom 3.0 is extremely flexible and can be constantly improved. In the spring of this year, the Prototyping Center of Toyota will release several stand-alone Lexus LS600hL with Platform 3.0, which will be tested on public roads.