New Toyota Mirai 2016 hydrogen sedan, prices and equipment

In November 2014, Toyota unveiled its first production car that runs on hydrogen. Novelty called Mirai, which translated from Japanese means “the future”. Home sales hydrogen sedan is scheduled already in April 2015. First car will be available only on the domestic market in Japan, and in the fall will be a model in the US market at a price of 57,500 dollars. The movement brings Toyota Mirai 153-strong power-plant on fuel cells. The energy for it is produced by a chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen, and the “exhaust” of the car is plain water. From zero to hundred sedan is able to accelerate in 9.0 seconds, and a full fuel tank refilling is required about five minutes. The main competitor trends, industry experts called the Honda FCV model, serial production of which is scheduled for March 2016. Cruising declared both models the same – about 480 kilometers. The surcharge for Toyota Mirai available system PTO (Power take off), which allows you to use the car as a charging station. As the producer, if necessary, the machine can provide electricity to an average Japanese house for about a week. Interestingly, the development of models of hydrogen-powered Toyota has been doing for a long time. Subsequently, the same model has been released, but a limited edition, and since 2008 you can rent a car in Japan.


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