Toyota and Lexus will withdraw more than 7 500 vehicles

Full-scale service campaign, during which will have withdrawn 6,770 sedans Toyota Camry and 766 copies of the Lexus ES 200. Total 7536 cars. Reason for the withdrawal of these machines is a problem with the EGR valve (ERG), which is due to incorrect operation of the software engine control unit can not completely shut down, because of what gases will continue to constantly circulate in the ERG system. This issue could adversely affect the operation of the motor, and in some cases and does cause it to stop. It is reported that the software failure can occur if the driver to depress the accelerator with some frequency, but with what it is, is not known. To avoid unpleasant consequences, the owner of a vehicle falling under the action should be to call the nearest service Toyota center or Lexus, which experts free troubleshoot. For a list of VIN-numbers can be repaired sedans Online Rosstandart.


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