Toyota introduced the three-wheeled concept at Geneva i-TRIL

At the March Geneva Motor Show 2017 took place the presentation of the Toyota i-TRIL concept, which aims to demonstrate the direction of the design of future cars the Japanese brand.
the concept has been developed in collaboration with the French design center, ED2. The car received a landing formula “1 + 2” to the front driver’s seat and two passenger seats behind. It is interesting that when you start and stop the motor driver’s seat is set at 90 degrees, making it easier to fit in the cabin.
In Toyota concept ah-Trillo no wheel and pedals, and its management is carried out by means of two joysticks for the left and right of the driver’s hands. Commands are transmitted “by wire” and have no mechanical connection to the respective nodes. But the management of the multimedia functions of the system and does occur exclusively via voice commands.

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The length and height of the model reaches 2830 and 1460 mm, respectively, while the weight of only the prototype 600 kg. Information about the technical “stuffing” three-wheeled vehicle is not, but we know that it reaches a cruising range of nearly 300 km.
Toyota i-TRIL also received Active Lean system, which made its debut four years ago in the concept-Road General Description i. With this technology, a three-wheeled prototype is able to lean in the corners like a motorcycle, not allowing the car to topple even on steep turns.
The system calculates the angle, focusing on the current speed of the gyroscope readings and steering angle. While Toyota representatives did not comment on rumors of a possible launch of i-TRIL in series.

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