Toyota introduced the i Concept with artificial intelligence

At the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2017 the presentation of the “smart” concept Toyota i Concept, which is not only equipped with an autopilot, but also knows how to adapt to the driver and passengers in the cabin.

The prototype developed by the efforts of American specialists Toyota, with the appearance of the concept with a guillotine door was invented by Californian designer brand division and engaged in artificial intelligence office staff from San Francisco.

Information about the power plant concept is not, however, know that it is equipped with Yui system, which is an artificial intelligence, responsible for the management of virtually all machine functions.

Thus, the system is able to recognize the driver and pre-adjust to his needs (for example, select an appropriate lighting and pave the navigation routes are the most popular). The car also received a tracking system for the well-being of the driver and emotion recognition technology, which is focused on facial expression and tone of voice.

To interact with passengers Yui uses standard voice messages, a large projection display and touch technology, implemented by using the armrests mobile scaly surface.

In addition, Toyota ah Concept is able to communicate with other vehicles, drivers and road infrastructure objects. Placed on the outside lights to alert other road users whether the machine run by a man, or it is on autopilot. At the rear is the display, which displays various text messages.

Artificial intelligence is further responsible for the operation of all safety systems and in case of emergency, for example, can engage the autopilot.

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