New Toyota Highlander (3) crossover 2016, prices and equipment

At the auto show in New York 2013, the premiere of the all-new Toyota Highlander crossover 3 generations. According to the company, they went to meet customers, listen to their wishes and make the car roomier, more obedient and more premium. Overall length crossover increased to 4854 mm, width – up to 1932, but the height (1729) and the magnitude of the wheelbase (2789) remained the same.

Configuration and price Toyota Highlander 3 (2016).

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
2.7 Elegance AT $40,100 2.7 petrol (188 hp) Automatic (6) front
2.7 Prestige AT $43,100 2.7 petrol (188 hp) Machine (6) front
3.5 Elegance AT $44,800 3.5 petrol (249 hp) Machine (6) full
3.5 Prestige AT $47,900 3.5 petrol (249 hp) Machine (6) full
3.5 Luxe $48,600 3.5 petrol (249 hp) Machine (6) full

But outwardly Toyota Highlander (2016) did not know – model design redrew radically, giving the vehicle a massive grille, muscular wheel arches and sculptured sides, curved window sill line and away on the wings of the setting head optics. A similar decision has already been applied to the younger Toyota RAV4 IV crossover. In the interior a novelty is now used in more high-quality materials and finishes that are better, not only in appearance, but also to the touch, and the 6.1-inch color display is standard. In addition, in the trunk it appeared a folding sofa, so that from now on Highlander 2016 may be seven or even eight. But powertrains got new crossover from the previous model. Preserved and the hybrid version with an additional electric motor acting in the role of a generator. At the beginning of 2014 became known the price of the new Toyota Highlander 3, which is considerably more expensive. But even more car added to the price at the beginning of 2015 because of landslides ruble. Now the base price of the crossover nachinet from $40,100, but this front-wheel modification with the 188-horsepower engine. For the version with the V6 will have to pay a minimum of $44,800. And for the car in the top performance of the dealers asking $48,600.

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