New Toyota Corolla 2016, prices and equipment

Evening of June 6, 2013 in Santa Monica (California), the premiere of the all-new Toyota Corolla sedan 11 generations in the back with the index 160. The car became larger predecessor, got new powertrains and was radically redesigned. Exterior North American Toyota Corolla in 2014 in the style of a large sedan Avalon and concept Furia, first shown earlier this year at the auto show in Detroit. Unlike the previous generation model, the new feature 160 Toyota Corolla became more sharp edges, and the lighting has a complex shape.

Models & Prices 2016 Toyota Corolla.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
1.33 Standart MT $16,100 1.3 petrol (99 hp) Manual (6) front
1.6 Classic MT $17,100 1.6 petrol (122 hp) Manual (6) front
1.6 Style MT $17,700 1.6 petrol (122 hp) Manual (6) front
1.6 Classic CVT $17,900 1.6 petrol (122 hp) CVT front
1.6 Style CVT $18,400 1.6 petrol (122 hp) CVT front
1.6 Comfort MT $19,000 1.6 petrol (122 hp) Manual (6) front
1.6 Style + MT $19,400 1.6 petrol (122 hp) Manual (6) front
1.8 Style CTV $19,700 1.8 petrol (140 hp) CVT front
1.6 Comfort CVT $20,100 1.6 petrol (122 hp) CVT front
1.6 Style + CVT $20,400 1.6 petrol (122 hp) CVT front
1.6 Elegance CVT $20,800 1.6 petrol (122 hp) CVT front
1.8 Style + CVT $22,200 1.8 petrol (140 hp) CVT front
1.8 Elegance CVT $22,600 1.8 petrol (140 hp) CVT front

Overall length of the European Toyota Corolla 2014 is 4 620 mm (75), width – 1775 (15) Height – 1455 (-10), and the amount of time added wheelbase 100 millimeters, and now amounts to 2700 mm. It is allowed to make the interior more spacious saloon for passengers – legroom is increased by 75 mm. The boot capacity is 452 liters (l + 2).
Shop the new Toyota Corolla 11 almost entirely repeats similar to a hatchback Auris 2 generation. The machine is identical shape of the front panel, the same wheel, and small differences between the versions for different markets can be seen in the design of the instrument panel and center console. In the US, novelty is offered in one of the four fixed pickings: L, LE, S and LE Eco. Under the hood – one of two four-cylinder gasoline engine working volume of 1.8 liters. The first develops 132 hp and 173 Nm, the second – 140 power and 170 Nm of torque at peak. The base is a six-step mechanics, and serve as an alternative to it and the latest quad-automatic CVT CVTi-S, having seven fixed gears. Car Buyers in the Old World rely gasoline engines power 99 (1.33 liters) and 122 (1.6 L) hp and 140-hp engine 1.8. Automatic none of them are not entitled – to choose full-time mechanics, or the aforementioned CVT. The standard equipment for all versions of the model include LED lights, air conditioning, electric windows, Bluetooth-protocol for connection of external devices, and eight airbags. For extra features climate control, heated front seats, navigation system, and more. Today the price of the initial version of the 2015 Toyota Corolla with a 99-horsepower engine and manual starts at $16,100, and the version with 122-hp engine in the “handle” more of $2,000. For a car with the top 1.8-liter unit (140 troops) and variator will put at least $19,700, and a sedan to maximize the Elegance is estimated at $21,600. Surcharge for color “metallic” is $240.

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