The company introduced TopCar Inferno package of improvements for the off-road vehicle the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. Tuners have decided to focus on the visual improvement of the German crossover, so the car’s engine and its technical “stuffing” have not undergone any changes.
Designed TopCar body kit “Inferno” includes a different front bumper with splitter, and LED-backlit display, a new hood, side skirts and extended wheel arches.
Behind tuners offer to install a different bumper with air intakes, diffuser, spoiler and extended wings.
Presentation of the tuning version Gle Mercedes Coupe Inferno from TopKar held en the Geneva Motor Show 2016. However, he package of improvements already available, that’s just the price for it “bites”.
Thus, the cost of body kit without carbon elements is 18,556 dollars, and with carbon elements – $21,957.

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