toyota-logoToyota «Toyota» (Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Jidosha KK), a Japanese automobile company, part of the financial-industrial group “Toyota”. One of the largest automotive companies in the world. It markets its products under various brands, including “Daihatsu”. Headquartered in the city of Toyota (Toyota). The Japanese car company was established in 1935 as a branch plant Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, which manufactured textile machinery. His head Kiichiro Toyoda (Kiichiro Toyoda) the eldest son of the company owner Sakichi Toyoda (Sakichi Toyoda) embarked on the production of vehicles (cars and trucks) on the American model. His few changes name and has become a trademark of the company. In 1936 he was put into production the first passenger car Model A1 (later AA). Then it was made the first export shipment – four trucks Model G1 went to northern China. In 1937, the automobile transformed the department into a separate company Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. After World War II began production of the Toyota Model SA – it happened in 1947. In 50 years the company is developing its own designs, extended range – appeared SUV Land Cruiser. In 1952, the company’s founder died – Kiichiro Toyoda. In 1950, the sales department separated into an independent company Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. (TMS). In 1957 the first Toyota Crown cars in Japan exported to the US, where in connection with the company starts its activities Toyota Motor Sales, USA In 1959 starts the production of Toyota cars in Brazil. Australia based company Toyota Motor Sales Australia Co., Ltd. In 1961, first saw the light of a small economical car Toyota Publica. In 1962 at factories in Japan millionth car in its history, Toyota. Actively developing a network of dealers Toyota: Toyota begins production of cars in South Africa Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty.), Ltd. In Thailand based company Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (TMT). In 1966, Toyota released the model Corolla, the production of which successfully continues to the present time as well as the business enters into an agreement with Hino – another Japanese automaker. In 1967, to the “Toyota Motor” joins “Daihatsu Motor» (Daihatsu Motor Company). The 1970s were marked by the construction of new plants and constant technical improvements units. In 1970, begins production of the Celica, Sprinter, Carina. In 1972, coming off the assembly line 10 millionth car Toyota. In 1978 goes Tercel, which was the first front wheel drive Japanese cars. By the end of the 70’s are born model Mark II. In the early 80-ies begins production model Camry. In 1982, the company Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. merge into Toyota Motor Corporation. In 1983, Toyota signed a multi-year agreement with General Motors, as a result of which in 1984 begins car production at their joint venture in the United States. In 1986, already released the 50 millionth car brand Toyota. New model Toyota – Corsa, Corolla II, 4Runner come to light at the end of the 80s. One of the main events of this period can be regarded as the emergence of the brand in 1988, Lexus – Toyota’s Gaza division luxurious expensive cars created for the production of high-class cars. Already in 1989, it was presented and went on sale models such as the Lexus LS400 and Lexus ES250. In the 90s Toyota dealer concludes contracts with Audi and Folkswagen, in 1995, signed with Hino and Daihatsu agreement on production sharing. 1990 marked the opening of its own design center – Tokyo Design Center. In 1992 starts the production of cars at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. In 1996, Japan launched 90 millionth car Toyota. In the same year was opened Toyota Training Center in Moscow and began the production of four-stroke petrol engine with direct fuel injection (D-4). In 1997 he was created a model Prius, equipped with a hybrid engine (Toyota Hybrid System). In addition to the Prius, hybrid engines were equipped models Coaster and RAV4. In the same year it was announced the launch of model Raum, and in 1998 – Avensis and the new generation of the iconic SUV Land Cruiser 100. At the same time Toyota has acquired a controlling stake in Daihatsu. In 1999, Japan was released the 100 millionth car Toyota. In 2000, sales of the Prius reached 50,000 worldwide, was launched a new generation RAV4. 2001 was sold five millionth Camry in the United States. In 2002 the factory Toyota team took part in the world championship of Formula 1 racing. Today, Toyota – one of the world’s largest car manufacturers. In the group of Toyota – a lot of companies, both road and takes a lot of different areas.