The new Tesla Roadster II proved to be incredibly fast

In November 2017, the presentation of the new electric car Tesla Roadster of the 2nd generation took place, which turned out to be completely different from its predecessor, and by its characteristics exceeded all conceivable expectations. The company calls the new model Tesla Roadster 2018-2019 the fastest production car in the world. While Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Hennessey are arguing for the maximum speed, Tesla Motors has laid them all down in the dynamics of overclocking. Just think, the declared acceleration time from 0 to 96 km/h is only 1.9 seconds, i.e. up to a hundred electric cars accelerate in about 2.1 seconds, and from a place to 160 km/h (100 miles per hour) – in 4.2 seconds. Maximum speed exceeds 400 kilometers per hour, it takes 8.8 seconds to overcome the distance of a quarter mile (402 meters). Thus, if the first Tesla Roadster with a body and chassis from Lotus Elise was more like a sport car (where an electric motor develops 248 forces), then the model of the new generation marks the rank of not just super-, but rather a cohort of hyperkars. In motion, the novelty is driven simultaneously by three electric motors – two on the rear axle and one – on the front. Thus, already in the base Tesla Roadster 2 is all-wheel drive, however, the total return of engines is not yet specified. It is only known that together they give out 10,000 Nm of torque (!), And for their power there is a set of batteries with a capacity of 250 kWh. The maximum mileage without recharging is approaching a thousand kilometers and for sure with economical driving can be surpassed. Although with these characteristics, the real mileage is likely to be much less. Externally Tesla Roadster 2019-2020 in the new body looks stylish and aggressive. The design of the model is not much like the other models of the company, except that the smooth surfaces of the body. Here, narrow diode lighting, minimal overhangs, large-diameter wheels placed at the corners, a massive rear diffuser and a sliding spoiler. In the cabin there is a rather futuristic steering wheel, reminiscent of the steering wheel, and also the traditional huge monitor for the brand in the center console, which controls all systems. It is noteworthy that the roadster (by the way, the body here is more likely a targa – with a removable panel on the heads of the driver and front passenger) has a rear sofa, but these seats are more childish. The acceptance of orders for the new Tesla Roadster II has already started. Here only the first machines customers will receive only in 2020.

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