Tesla Model S P90D kit received from Brabus studio

Brabus Studio Tuning presented a revision program to model the Tesla Model S P90D. The specialists of the German company decided to focus on improving the aerodynamics and appearance electric sedan, so the performance of the model remained the same – 772 hp (Ludicrous Mode activation mode). Tesla Model S P90D received from a special Brabus body kit, elements of which are made of carbon fiber and tested in the wind tunnel. All the elements of body kit, from the air intakes on the front bumper and rear diffuser finishing, coated matt or gloss paint. Experts studio note that the kit offered by them helps to improve the aerodynamics significantly, downforce and cooling radiators electric. Model Shop has also undergone changes. For interior decoration in the Brabus used Alcantara, high-quality leather and decorative stainless steel plate. Sedan received another center console with cupholders, able to heat or cool drinks as well as a device for wireless charging of smartphones. The cost of improvements is not specified.

foto-brabus-model-s_06 foto-brabus-model-s_05 foto-brabus-model-s_04

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