The American company Tesla is working on a new electric sedan, which should take place in the lineup is a step below theĀ Model S. Currently, the automaker has decided on the name. Recall that will soon be launched into production Model X crossover, so for its future trends in the company had planned to name the Model E, to be able to collect the names of models from word of three letters. But then at Ford felt that such a designation would be in tune with their Ford Model T (read “five”) and managed to get a ban on the use of the option chosen by Tesla. But they did not give up and found an original way, calling Car Model 3 (Roman numeral three). Presentation of the new Tesla Model 3 is scheduled for March 2016, and its sales should start in 2017th at the price from 34,990 dollars. In addition, later on the basis of Model 3 sedan appears and compact SUV, which will take place on the stage below the previously mentioned Model X. For more specific details about the project are not announced.