The Tesla Motors company began testing a software update for its electric vehicles 8.0. According to preliminary data, the new software can be downloaded from the serial Tesla in a few weeks. Foreign publishers have reported that most of the changes occur in the algorithm of the autonomous control system. If the autopilot is now Tesla can only be reconstructed from the strip into the strip, soon as he learns to move out on their own line.
In addition, Americans finalize vehicle containment system in the occupied strip and improve the function of allowing the autopilot to navigate in heavy traffic conditions. However, the autonomous management system will continue to work only on highways and highway, and when leaving the city streets the driver will have to take control on the machine itself. The future software update version 8.0 also includes improved navigation that learns to pave the optimal route, focusing on the current battery charge and availability in the way branded charging stations Supercharger, and suggest options for bypass toll roads. Improvements touched and the user interface. So, after downloading an updated software data about the surrounding traffic will be displayed in a more understandable form. The changes will affect and the voice recognition system. Henceforth, the latter will duplicate the value of the teams on the screen multimedia system.