Terms of care for the vehicle interior

After buying a new car to the owner there is a problem of washing and cleaning machines. But attention will have to pay not only the body but also the interior. Mandatory measures in this regard include not only regular washing, cleaning carpets and wiping surfaces from dust.
For each type of trim materials there are specific ways to care, which require compliance with certain rules. If they stick to the interior will always look clean and it is nice to be. In addition, it will retain the original appearance, which has a positive impact on the estimated resale value of the car.

What are the materials used for the trim?

Currently, the following materials are used for the finishing of automobile salons:

• Leather
• Vinyl
• Fabric
• Plastic

Caring for each of these materials must be different. Here are the basic rules.

Care for the leather interio.

There is an opinion that the skin throughout the interior is unpretentious material, which does not require special care. So often to care for leather interior use only a damp cloth. Despite the fact that the leather interior firmer tissue counterparts, he still calls for a careful maintenance. Only in this case it will last a long time and throughout the life will look like new.
The basic principle of care for any material – do not expose it to adverse impacts and, where possible, to ensure proactive protection. With regard to the skin, this principle is particularly relevant. This material is not only afraid of mechanical damage, dirt or fire (like any other). The skin is also afraid of the heat, cold and dampness. It is from these negative factors can protect regular processing leather interior automobile. And it was on the operating conditions depends on how often you need to give it time. For example, in a hot summer or cold winter such treatment should be performed at least once a month.
Furthermore, service life also affects the frequency of maintenance. The older the skin, the more it will have to handle the special tools in order to make it look good. Today you can buy dozens of cleaners, creams, conditioners and polishes skin. Each of these tools has its own meaning:

• Cleaner removes dirt from the surface
• Cream leather interior upholstery makes more supple
• Air conditioner protects the skin from the appearance of small cracks on the temperature differential
• polish gives the material shine

Caring for leather car interior should begin with the removal of contaminants. This can be used as special cleaners, and soap scum. However, it should be remembered that from the soapy water, the skin loses elasticity and hardens. Therefore, any serious treatment should be combined with subsequent treatment with air conditioning.
Since the front seats in the car are used more often, and the process should be more carefully than the rear. Especially it concerns the driver’s seat. With intensive use degreased skin quickly and becomes brittle. This process is called aging. Protect him special nourishing creams. The front seats should be treated by such means twice. But it is necessary to make sure that the cream did not stay on the skin surface, which is not absorbed. Over time, it will harden, the skin loses elasticity, which also leads to cracks.
Before the first time to start cleaning, check to see whether there is a skin protective PVC film. To do this, simply drop pure water on the upholstery. If no protective film that once water is absorbed, and if it remained on the surface of water, it means that the padding has extra protection. In this case, you should use tools that are designed for the care of vinyl upholstery.
Another secret associated with the care of the leather interior, is that one should avoid all conduct such procedures at the sun, because ultraviolet light alters the properties of chemical compounds, and they are under its influence or may lose its effectiveness, or may damage the material.

Care cloth upholstery.

If the upholstery on the seats in the passenger compartment of your car is a tissue, the first thing you have to fight with the dust. Naturally, there can not do without a vacuum cleaner. In addition, once a month, cloth upholstery should be cleaned with soap and water. This should be done as carefully as possible. Water should be used as a minimum quantity to not impregnated foam.

To remove stains from upholstery fabric, you can use tools for carpet stain pre washout water.

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