On Friday, February 1, the Ferrari team held a presentation of his car for the 2013 season, which was the index F138. The first two digits indicate the designation for the current year, and the “eight” refers to the number of cylinders in the engine. New car Ferrari F138 was the evolution of last year’s F2012, but all the elements have been revised in order to increase efficiency. The Lotus team had to give up. Scuderia retained its pilot’s composition – it remains the leader Fernando Alonso, who collected a good shape at the end of last season Felipe Massa will try to prove that his excellent performances in the last races were not accidental. The team’s goal for the current season of sounds clear and simple – only a victory. The victory that has already escaped twice in a row in the final stages in favor of Red Bull. At this time in the Ferrari are hoping to join the fight for the lead from the very first race.

foto-ferrari-f138_03-650x425 foto-ferrari-f138_02-650x425 foto-ferrari-f138_01-650x425