Tata Harrier: Indian Brand flagship crossover

At the beginning of two thousand and eighteenth year, the company Tata introduced the conceptual crossover Harrier, and in late October, the Indian brand declassified the product version of this model.

Serial Tata Harrier 2019 almost repeats the prototype previously presented. SUV is made in the brand new style of the brand “Impact Design 2.0 ″ and promises to be the most expensive and technically advanced model of the brand.

Tata harrier

The design of the new model Tata Harrier 2019-2020 is characterized by the presence of a two-storey front end, clearly delineated wheel arches, a sagging window line and blackened rear struts. In this case, the interior of the car is still classified, but it is known that the car has a five-seater cabin and rich equipment, plus a seven-seater modification will appear later.

The 4.6-meter long Tata Harrier SUV is built on the Omega Arc platform, which is a cheaper version of the Dag’s Dag trolley from the Jaguar Land Rover, on which Discovery Sport is based, for example. This means that there is an independent suspension of all wheels, and the engine is located across

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