In October 2017, 19 Koenigsegg models took part in the Koenigsegg Owners Tour event, which is a kind of record, since no one has managed to collect so many cars of the Swedish brand in one place. Of these 19 machines, four CCRs, six CCXs, two CCXRs, and one Agera, two Agera R, three Agera RS and a single One: 1. Among the owners of supercars is the very first customer of the Swedish brand, and the very last. The total capacity of 19 cars reaches 18,000 hp. The event Koenigsegg Owners Tour provides a run that starts in the Swedish city of Malmo at the walls of the fortress of the 15th century. The route includes a trip outside the city, a visit to another ancient castle, a stop at the car museum in Simrishamn, followed by an overnight stay in a mansion built in the eighth century, and then the final race on the Ring Knutstorp track and a visit to the Koenigsegg plant in Engelholm.