New Suzuki Spacia 2018

The Suzuki company introduced the second generation of microencapsulated Spacia. Compared with the machine of the first generation, the novelty has received a lot of changes and became available immediately in two versions.

Suzuki Spacia 2018-2019 has a fairly frivolous “cartoon” appearance of the exterior, but for cars, there is also a more “sporty” version of Custom. The latter features a more aggressive front end with a massive chrome grille, the presence of LED headlights and stylish wheel disks.

The sliding rear doors of the microvan are equipped with an electric drive, while the doorways are wider by 20 mm. Since the doors are completely open, they go far beyond the rear clearance of the machine, the electric drive has a stop that stops the doors flush with the rear bumper, although if there is enough free space behind, the doors can be “flung open” to the maximum.

In the four-seater Saloon Suzuki Spacia in the new body, the rear seats can be moved in the longitudinal direction, while in the second generation they are moved 45 mm further – until the full replacement of the trunk.

For rear passengers, folding tables and air circulation system. The latter unit is located above the seats of the first row and, when switched on, several fans are used, which drive the air from the front of the car to the gallery. Such an uncomplicated system is designed to equalize the temperature in the cabin.

The front panel of the micro encounter Suzuki Spacia has a multi-level layout. Before the passenger, there is not only a glovebox but also a horizontal compartment with a flat hinged lid, a napkin, and a drawer. As for the finish, the interior of the standard version is made in light colors, while the Custom interior is darker and more rigorous.

Suzuki Spacia 2018 is built on the modular platform Heartect, which also is based models Baleno and Swift. The length and width of the car did not change – the previous 3 395 and 1 475 mm respectively, but the height of the novelty reaches 1 785 mm (+ 50). As for the wheelbase, it increased to 2,460 mm (+ 35).

By default, the new model is the so-called “soft hybrid”, where with a 660-cc engine with a power of 52 hp. and 60 Nm (64 hp from the version of Cat) and the variator also employs a modest electric motor, drawing energy from a traction battery, whose capacity is only 10 seconds of operation.

The electromotor develops only 3,1 forces and 50 Nanometers of a twisting moment and urged to help the petrol engine at dispersal. It also performs the role of a starter, because when braking, the electronics muffle the engine at 10 km/h. With regard to the drive, the Suzuki Spacia 2 can be ordered in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

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