Suzuki has prepared for the Tokyo Motor Show in a couple of concepts

At the Tokyo Motor Show, which was opened in late October 2015, Suzuki has revealed just two unusual concept – miniature Mighty Deck pickup and a small minivan Air Triser.
Talking about the features of Mighty Deck, the Japanese said that to innovate with an eye on a small commercial vehicle Mighty Boy, produced by the company in the 80s.
The model name can be literally translated as “powerful deck”. This choice is not accidental, since in terms of design a car more like a small boat. The concept has a soft top, but in the back of the loading platform is that with the help of electric drive is able to change its shape depending on the size of luggage.
Dimensions Suzuki Mighty Deck Concept constitute 3 395 mm in length, 1 475 – 1 and the width 540 – high.The movement of a miniature prototype leads 658-cc three-cylinder engine with an electric motor and automatic transmission.
As for Suzuki Air Triser, then this concept is a three-row minivan, a multifunctional room that can easily be transformed at will of passengers. Thus, isolated car seat can be transformed into a U-shaped sofa.
The prototype has a wide screen infotainment system, located in the central rack. You can connect any modern mobile gadget.
Dimensions Suzuki Air Triser is 4 to 200 mm in length, 1 959 – 1 and the width 815 – high. Minivan equipped with a hybrid power plant, which includes a 1.4-liter internal combustion engine, electric motor, all-wheel drive and a five-speed transmission.

foto-mighty-deck_03 foto-mighty-deck_02 foto-mighty-deck_01 foto-air-triser_03 foto-air-triser_02 foto-air-triser_01

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