Despite the slight awkwardness of appearance, Suzuki Jimny is a real all-terrain vehicle, which is not surprising, given his history. Place the door held the chain, and paucity of size spare tire allowed to place only at the back of the passenger seat.

Models & Prices Suzuki Jimny 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
JLX MT $24,400 1.3 petrol (85 hp) Manual (5) full
JLX AT $25,400 1.3 petrol (85 hp) Automatic (4) full
JLX AT (MODE 3) $26,900 1.3 petrol (85 hp) Automatic (4) full

The car has got a closed body with the second row of seats folding, passengers who sat facing each other. It is this version of the small all-terrain vehicle and was the starting point for further development. Special success grasped the car in the 80-ies of the last century. On the external markets for Japanese model called the Suzuki Samurai, and in 1986 he was recognized as the best all-wheel drive car in the United States. As close as possible to the design of modern machines got Jimny 1998 release, which are offered as a three-door closed in the back and in the embodiment landole – with fully open the rear sofa.
It can be either a 5-speed manual and 4-band automatic. Switching from rear wheel drive to a full carried out by pressing buttons on the front panel. This operation can be performed at speeds not exceeding 100 km/h, and connect a series of step-down is possible only after a full stop and the transfer gear lever in neutral. Not the least role in the conquest of off-road play short front and rear overhangs. To increase the level of passive safety and the frame sent with a body that in a frontal collision dissipate impact energy, removing it from the driver and passengers. Comfort is quite unobtrusive. It may be noted a comfortable fit for people of almost all body type, as well as excellent visibility. The main disadvantages Suzuki Jimny 3 lies in a small back seat and trunk, as well as to the unsuitability of the vehicle to be driven on asphalt pavement at high speeds. The main “consumers” Suzuki Jimny are hunters and fishermen, as well as all those who often go on nature. Small Japanese rover loved it because of its terrain and unpretentious outside the asphalt canvas.

Updated Suzuki Jimny 2016.

In the summer of 2012, the Japanese manufacturer introduced an updated version of its compact SUV Suzuki Jimny 2013 model year, who received cosmetic changes exterior and an upgraded engine. Making all the elements remain the same, but the company notes that are used for decoration now better materials. As for the engine under the hood of the Suzuki Jimny remains the same 1.3-liter gasoline engine, whose output has increased from 82 to 85 hp The base transmission is offered a 5-speed manual, but is still available for a fee and quad machine. As before, a redesigned Jimny offered in three versions, today the price for a basic modification of the mechanics is now is $24,400, and the top-end SUV is estimated at $26,900. Standard equipment includes power steering, air conditioning, heated front seats, audio system with CD-player, 50/50 folding back rest, power mirrors, body painting in the “metallic”, ABS and Immobilizer. The richest version of the Suzuki Jimny 3 boasts leather seats and steering wheel, as well as silver roof rails.

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