Suzuki has brought to Tokyo Electric Swift EV Hybrid

While not the biggest automaker in Japan, Suzuki’s trying to keep up with their larger compatriots. The next step, which should help the company to declare itself and to win over the progressive car owners became submitted to the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 electric hatchback Swift EV Hybrid.
The car uses hybrid platform, but it moves exclusively on electricity. Taking energy from lithium-ion batteries, Suzuki Swift EV is driven by an electric motor, and the battery charge is enough for about 30 kilometers. If this is not enough, the small charging can be carried out by the connected low-volume gasoline engine.
In the case where the internal combustion engine on the road has not been claimed, and charge enough for the whole route, replenishment of energy is carried out using a 200-volt outlet. It will take this one and a half hours, and battery charging 100-volt network will take about four hours.
The company says that the Suzuki Swift EV in all respects a global product and its sale is planned around the world. However, in Europe the electric hatchback can be unclaimed as 30 kilometers on one charging too small, whereas in Japan, this is quite sufficient.

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