Supercar Ferrari Enzo, prices and equipment

At the Paris Motor Show in 2002 it was presented to Ferrari Enzo, or F60 Enzo, how else to call it a supercar. But it is the logical name rather than correct. Because before the sixtieth anniversary of the brand it was still seven years to assign a code F60, and decided to call in a Ferrari supercar is not in honor of the date of the next round, and dedicate it to the company’s founder Enzo Ferrari. And circulation issued from 2002 to 2005, the Ferrari Enzo was already a little more than the supercar F50 – 399 copies. Still supercar sold only to the elite, and even among the contenders VIP- was a tough selection. One of the lucky owners of Ferrari Enzo became Nick Mason – drummer of Pink Floyd, who bought it for half a million British pounds sterling. This is a very high price, even for Ferrari, but for good reason. Ferrari Enzo – Double sports car, which united all the previous achievements of the company Ferrari, success in F1 racing and innovation in all areas of the automotive industry. Housing Ferrari Enzo, overall dimensions, mm: length – 4702 width – 2035, height – 1 147, the wheelbase – 2650 consists of carbon fiber and Kevlar, and the whole supercar weighs 1365 kg. But it is at rest. When accelerating from 0 to 100 km/H. 3.5 sec. its mass can be increased up to two tons. And the driver Ferrari Enzo feels just overload the space. The maximum speed of 355 km/H. Despite the fact that the supercar is permeated throughout the body funnels the air intakes to increase downforce and cooling of the engine, aerodynamic coefficient get to keep at the level of Cx 0,36. Ferrari Enzo was created for the road, however, it is not clear what roads had in mind because the clearance (clearance) from a supercar just 3.9 inches. Just look at the wheel in the style of Formula 1, and once it becomes clear that the special supercar. When it’s time to shift gears on the steering wheel the red LED lights. The Ferrari Enzo every movement is controlled electronically, cornering can brake later and take bends faster through effective ceramic brakes Brembo, which are easier to iron by 30%, and virtually never wear out. For Ferrari Enzo were specially designed tires Potenza RE050 Scuderia, maintain speed above 350 km/h, ensuring a secure bond with the road surface and ensure excellent handling. A six-speed automatic transmission with electro-hydraulic control of the Magneti Marelli and is now established on the model of Ferrari and Maserati. Among OMR (Officine Meccaniche Rezzatesi) – the worldwide leader in the production of systems and components for the automotive industry, have developed aluminum gas and brake pedals, adjustable in sixteen different positions. This has improved the ergonomics and performance supercar. At Ferrari Enzo is a modification of the tuning studio: Edo Competition Ferrari Enzo, Edo Competition Ferrari Enzo Evolution the XX-th, Ferrari Enzo Gemballa Mig-U1. They are superior to the original version of the supercar power and have been made ​​according to the requirements of the customer. After the economic crisis in 2008, the market has been put up for sale many Ferrari Enzo worth nearly $1.6 million, And one of these masterpieces were able to buy the Briton who lives in Dubai. For traffic violations he faces a fine of $30,000 or jail, and he has not found anything better than to throw his Ferrari Enzo and escape. Supercar stood at the free parking under the hot sun 20 months, until it was decided to be sold at auction. So maybe it is not for nothing a potential owner of the mark Ferrari must be known to the company at least 10 years? Do not stop the selection of the buyer on the Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari supercars is choose a host.

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