The new supercar Dodge SRT Viper GTS

Recall that the release of the previous-generation Viper stopped in 2010 and for some time the question of creating a model of a new generation remained open. Externally, the new Dodge Viper SRT is not much different from its predecessor. Supercar kept the familiar silhouette with a long hood, which is shifted to the rear of the cab, side exhaust and air intakes in the front wings. Distinctive features of the new items was the reduction in the size of the radiator grille, the new bi-xenon optics with LED sections, different taillights and wheels with a unique design that can be prepared in several different ways. New Dodge SRT Viper turned lighter than its predecessor by 45 kg. This contributed to made of carbon-fiber hood, roof and trunk lid. A door made of aluminum.
The dynamic characteristics of the new Viper is not specified. But to cope with the impact engineers had great podruditsya on setting the chassis rigidity has been increased by 50%. Some of these systems will only be available for a more advanced modification Viper GTS, which is no different from any of the basic version of the engine, either externally (with the exception of other wheels). The weak point of the last-generation Viper was his room. Now, the interior boasts leather upholstery, electronic instrument panel and entertainment system with 8.4-inch touch screen on the central console. In addition, Dodge SRT Viper 2013 received a new lightweight seats with an increase of 90 mm and a pillow placed 20 mm lower than before. All this, coupled with the possibility of seat height adjustment, helped make the new Viper cabin most spacious for the time of release of this model. In early September, concern Chrysler called the value of its supercar – the price of the base 2013 Dodge Viper was 99 390 dollars, and the version of the GTS was estimated at 122,390 dollars. However, sales of the model were not up to par. In the spring 2014 issue of the car had to be suspended for two months to sell accumulated in warehouses ready machine. Dodge Viper 2015 Of Chrysler I talked about improvements that got Dodge Viper 2015 model year. In addition, there was a line of intermediate version Viper GT, occupy a position between the ordinary and the modification of the Viper GTS. In essence, it is a bit simplified version of the latter, and is equipped with an adjustable suspension and a number of design elements from the exterior GTS. From now on, it became more aggressive carbon fiber body kit with a large rear wing and revised suspension components, including different springs, dampers and antiroll bars. Such exclusive coupe sports a blue body color, black five-spoke wheels, orange brake calipers and upholstered in leather and Alcantara interior details.

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