Superbridge Techrules Ren received track modification RS

The Chinese from Techrules have prepared a track modification of the RS for their Hybrid supercar Ren, first shown at last year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Track Techrules Ren RS got a different body with a monocoque of carbon fiber. From the same material, all body panels and some suspension components are made. The latter, according to the Chinese, are capable of withstanding loads, like GT3 sport cars

In the movement of the track, Ren RS leads diesel-electric installation. Note that the hybrid supercar is equipped with six electric motors, two of them installed on the front axle, and the rest on the rear axle.

They receive food for their work from a 28.4 kWh battery pack, which are recharged from two 80-kilowatt microturbines. The total power of such an installation is 1 305 hp. and 2,340 Nm of torque.

Ren RS has a large fuel tank (80 liters). As a result, at one gas station, a hybrid supercar can pass up to 1,170 km. As for the dynamics, from a place to a hundred coupe accelerates in 3.0 seconds, developing speed up to 330 km/h.

Within two years, the Chinese will collect several copies of the model for a group of exclusive customers, while the price of the car is not advertised. In the Techrules consider the possibility of starting small-scale production with the subsequent withdrawal of the car to the global market.

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