Subaru will make a hybrid based on toyota prius prime

As you know, Toyota owns a fairly large stake in Subaru. But so far, cooperation has been limited to the Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ coupe and the joint assembly of cars at the Subaru plant in the US.

Subaru, due to growing environmental requirements, badly needs a rechargeable hybrid. But the company does not have its own competencies, and Toyota just came to the rescue. The first full hybrid Subaru will make on the basis of Toyota Prius Prime.

True, all the technical stuffing seriously modernized adapting to work with the opposing engine. Recall that the Prius Prime is equipped with a regular 1.8-liter gasoline engine and electric motor.

The first recharged hybrid Subaru will be targeted to the North American market, or rather to those states where the same stringent requirements are applied to cars, as in California, which by 2040 plans to prohibit the use of vehicles that do not have an electric motor in the power plant.

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