When in October last year, Subaru at the Tokyo Motor Show unveiled the Viziv Perfamoncae cosset, no one had any doubts that this way the Japanese demonstrate the possible appearance of the future next-generation WRX sportsman. And for the January motor show in the same city, Subaru will bring the revised concept Viziv Perfomance STI.

Since the January Tokyo motor show is dedicated to tuning, the premiere seems quite logical, where else if not here to show the extreme version of the car. Judging by the only teaser from the autumn concept, the new one will be characterized by an aggressive aerodynamic body kit with red accents and a large rear wing.

Specifications of the machine are unknown. project manager WRX Mamuro Ishii said that Subaru is working on the next generation of WRX. It will be electrified, but about any electro mobiles in pure form, it does not go. Ishii says that it will be a rechargeable hybrid, but one can not exclude the possibility that the Japanese will get by with little blood. That is, WRX will receive a “soft” hybrid powerplant, in which the electric motor will feed only the starter and secondary consumers.

According to Ishii WRX will remain true to its philosophy, which made the car cult: the power of the motor is not the main thing, the basic, controllability, and symmetrical all-wheel drive.