New Subaru Forester 2019

The New York Motor Show in 2018 became the premiere of the Subaru Forester 5 generation crossover, which moved to a new platform, acquired a modernized engine and received a number of previously unavailable equipment.

It’s only outside to recognize the new Subaru Forester 2019 (photo, price) may not be so easy – the Japanese retained a recognizable look, confining themselves to evolutionary changes in appearance.

The car retained the characteristic radiator grille with a wide chrome bar, on which the emblem of the brand is located, retained the bend of the window line, smoothly rising in the area of the rear pillars, as well as muscular tides on the wheel arches.

Revisions were shaped head optics and rear lights, received a C-shaped, the design of bumpers and sections under the fog, there were new versions of the wheel rims and body paint, and the most noticeable element was the stamping on the sidewalls, stretching from the front wing through the door handle to the edge of the rear side window.

For the first time, the Sports version appeared in the scale, but this option stands out solely from the exterior decor – there are no changes in the technology for it. A similar modification is given by red accents around the perimeter of the body, black gloss instead of chrome, tinted lights and dark disks.

The interior of the Subaru Forester 2019-2020 is reminiscent of the XV and Ascent models. On the central console, there is a screen of a multimedia system, framed on the sides by vertical nozzles of air ducts. Above him hangs a visor, covering a small screen, which shows the driving information.

The steering wheel and dashboard have also changed, the seats have received a new profile and upholstery materials, and the torpedo has become a little less comfortable due to the abandonment of the parking brake lever, which was replaced by the electronic handbrake button.

The interior of the crossover became more spacious (the maximum distance between the backs of the two rows increased by 36 mm – to 1,001), the visibility was improved due to the changed front racks, plus the noise insulation was improved, and the rear doors now opened to a larger angle.


The Forester V was based on the SGP (Subaru Global Platform) chassis, the overall length of the all-terrain vehicle increased to 4,625 mm (+ 15), the wheelbase was 2,670 (+ 30), the width was 1,815 (+ 20), the height decreased by 5 millimeters – to 1 730, ground clearance (clearance) declared at 220 mm.

Due to the increased size, the passenger compartment became larger, but also in the trunk, whose volume increased by 40 liters (the maximum value according to the US EPA standard was 2,155 liters), plus it was possible to significantly expand the opening of the fifth door – up to 1,300 mm against 1,166 earlier.

Under the hood, there is a 2.5-liter atmospheric counterpart (characteristics), received direct injection, an increased compression ratio, and a “start/stop” system. In comparison with the previous one, the motor is 90% composed of new components, and its output has increased to 185 hp. and 239 Nm of torque.

It is combined with the Lineartronic clinched variator (it has seven fixed gears in the top models) and the brand-new all-wheel-drive system Symmetrical AWD, where a multi-plate clutch is responsible for the transmission of traction to the rear axle wheels.

Active Torque Vectoring active vector control system, if necessary, braking wheels in corners, SI-Drive system with two Intelligent and Drive presets (in addition Sport has an additional Sports Sharp), as well as an optional X-Mode add-on with off-road regimes.

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