New Subaru BRZ coupe 2016, prices and equipment

Subaru BRZ – rear-wheel drive sports coupe built on the same chassis as the model of the Toyota GT86. Both cars made their debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011, with the pre-production version of the Subaru BRZ was shown a little earlier at the auto show in Los Angeles.
Speaking about these two models that have been developed by Toyota and Subaru together, it must be noted that differences in the minimum of machines, with both external and constructive.

Models & Prices Subaru BRZ 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
2.0 MT $27,400 2.0 petrol (200 hp) Manual (6) rear

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If you look at the photo the BRZ Subaru, then its difference from the GT 86 are only in the front bumper with air intake and other sections fog light and another figure wheels. The interiors of the two coupes also virtually identical, small differences can be seen in the decoration materials, the design of the dashboard and multimedia system unit.
On machines similar chassis design and exactly the same engine – a 2.0-liter petrol engine with direct fuel injection, issuing 200 hp and 205 Nm of torque at peak, which is on the Subaru BRZ is transmitted to the rear axle by a 6-speed manual transmission (automatic transmission is available for Toyota). Limited slip differential is standard.
In spring 2014 a manufacturer slightly upgraded model, changing mount front suspension and rear shock absorbers. Moreover, these shock absorbers have undergone revision in order to reduce body roll and better vehicle response to steering. Plus, the new Subaru BRZ 2016 received a “fin” on the roof instead of the conventional antenna and another decorated key on the machine.
And after only ten months, in February 2015, the coupe has undergone yet another minor update, during which engineers retuned electric power steering and made shasssi little tougher. Inside, the Subaru BRZ were other laths, and the palette of available exterior colors replenished with two new shades: Lapis Blue Pearl and Pure Red. Ethnicity and the engine remained unchanged.
Receiving orders for the new product began in late August 2012 Initially, the coupe was delivered to us in a single configuration with a manual transmission, and only in the original blue color. And that has got the automatic transmission in June 2015 opened the first dealers to accept applications for Subaru BRZ 2016 model year (from zero to hundred in 8.2 seconds, on the “handle.” – In 7.6 sec) and can be painted in white, silver, dark gray, dark blue and bright red color. The price of the new Subaru BRZ starts from $27,400. for car mechanics.

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