Subaru has brought to Geneva concept Viviz 2

On opened in early March, the Geneva Motor Show in 2014 the company will introduce another concept Subaru line of Viviz, to get to the title number 2. The car joined the previously shown prototypes and Viviz Evolution.
The design concept is designed in the style of already, but the exterior and interior design at the Subaru Viviz 2 significantly changed.
The front doors have kept construction guillotine as it was on the original Viviz, and the rear wing are made sliding. In the end, it all looks very impressive, but mass production will definitely not.
Crossover Subaru Viviz Concept was a hybrid, but now part of the power plant includes a 1.6-liter turbo diesel and three electric motors (one on the front axle and two – on the back), and the variator Lineartronic.

foto-viviz-2_03 foto-viviz-2_02 foto-viviz-2_01

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