What is the style of discs for BMW

Cars BMW – is the highest German quality, reliability, style and safety. For today cars of this brand are made with a variety of wheels, different from each other’s designs. Choosing a specific model, you will complete the image of his BMW, make it unique and stylish.

Modern catalog of original discs BMW.

The Bavarian manufacturer pays great attention to not only the perfect style of their cars. Wheeled designs attention is paid not less. Modern catalog includes about 500 species, each of the five hundred is characterized by authenticity, their own style. However, the most unusual and striking patterns have been created over the past few years.
Today, the lucky owners of BMW there are no problems with the purchase of wheels: they are presented in the full range, it is available in many stores, as well as on the web sites. Today, the buyer does not actually limited in the choice, and it is said that he has all the possibilities for the selection of precisely those drives that are suitable for a particular BMW model, the owner will arrange for the price and design.
None of the accessories are not able to give the car its own style and personality as easily and effectively as do the original BMW light-alloy wheels. In addition to the unique design, original discs have the following essential characteristics:

  • Durability
  • Absolute compliance with the parameters of the vehicle
  • Minimum weight
  • Excellent thermal conductivity, effective ventilation brake system through openings between the spokes
  • Delightfully exact reaction when driving.

Steel, cast and forged: we understand the differences.

Especially successfully underlined the status of the vehicle and its owner cast and forged model.Compared with steel, cast an average drive models by 25% weigh less, a fact that significantly affects the quality of movement. Steel is not less popular among BMW owners. And their popularity is well deserved: they are inexpensive, they can align after impact and deformation. These drives can be recovered from the blow they burst. Their main drawback – a lot of weight, but it can not be reduced without reducing the strength.
Another type – forged wheels, today have a better performance in comparison with others. High strength forged wheels is achieved in a special production process: they are formed by hot stamping of aluminum or magnesium alloy, and then further hardened by heat treatment. After this hardening model gain forged high strength, and their construction becomes rigid. Moreover, forged, cast, unlike models do not need additional coating.

Choosing the right style of BMW drives.

To select your style of BMW original disks, you need to look into their catalog: visually represented there are hundreds of models, differing from each other. In addition to the visual information in such a directory can be obtained, and other useful information:

  • series model BMW car, which can be set such discs, if available – exceptions
  • available sizes
  • installation axis (back or front)
  • weight, a key indicator of ET – departures
  • Tyre size recommended to be installed on each individual drive

Do not be put off by the apparent huge number of models! In fact, for each specific model of car will suit not so much. As an example, take the BMW X5 E70 car body and see what drives a BMW styles suit him:

  • V-Spoke 239/20, Color – Silver
  • Cross Spoke 177/20, Color – Silver
  • Y-Spoke 214/20, Color – Silver
  • Double Spoke 215/21, color – black, silver
  • M Performance Double Spoke 310M / 21, color – Silver
  • Cross Spoke Style 177/19, Color – Silver
  • Performance Y-Spoke 375/21, color – silver.

From these models, you can already pick the one that you like more and more successfully complement the car’s exterior.

Style BMW drives today.

Experts create the largest Bavarian automaker now more streamlined, modern design, with BMW style is recognizable. It is also a feature of the modern BMW drives is that each model is markedly different from the other, and the directory is not thousands of similar offerings. Modern technologies allow to create stunning designs, with soft and rounded forms.
Interesting fact: the manufacturer is testing drives the toughest way: on the wheel collapses platform and applied severe blow as a result of which the subject is not just a whole – he did not even deformed!
The modern world is full of copying and plagiarism, but, BMW continues to be unique!

Disc Style replica BMW.

The main advantage, of course, low cost. At the same time you will be surprised how high their quality! Replica Wheels virtually indistinguishable from the original: the same unique style and exquisite design. Can I trust them? Yes!
Replica wheels perfectly match the vehicle parameters. In the production process there is a laser measurement of all parameters of the original disk BMW, with 100% accuracy of copied design.Significantly Replica have the original logo BMW, so only you will know that your car is equipped with a high-quality copy, not the original. Thus, the style replica BMW drives exactly copies the style of the original models. Do not be afraid drives Replica! Many misleading low price, but it’s just another one of the advantages of such discs.
Today, the style of the original disc is the equivalent of BMW automotive fashion. And they discuss more than the most recent releases of other popular European manufacturers. Agree, this fact alone speaks volumes!

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