As the studded tire (tire)

In this article we will talk about the kinds of road spikes, methods of installation and operation of studded tires.

How and where to install the spikes?

Some winter tires are already prepared for the installation of spikes. On the surface, these tires have special holes for installation. Some call them “seats”, and they have a certain depth and diameter. If you are just such a tire, and you decide to studded it, it is best to turn to professionals. Spikes set as in the factories, as well as in specialized workshops. Theoretically, you can studded bus and himself, but the professionals do it better as they have the appropriate experience and equipment. However, motorists should still have an idea of how the installation of studs on a car tire, as it will allow to monitor the work of the masters, to whom he addressed. There are only two kinds of production spikes, namely the European standard and the way the Canadian Institute (TSMI), and below you can read the summary table, which indicates the size of the spikes. Hole depth spike has a dependency on the diameter, so the first thing you need to measure the depth of the hole (in inches). So, if it was equal to the depth of 12/32 inches, by the above plate is comparable with the European 9-11. If the depth is equal to 16/32, the European standard, it will be 9-15. Note that the hole diameter at its Studable should be about two times smaller than the diameter of the stud. Measurement of the depth of the holes are made to them after the installation of studs hardened portion protrudes above the tread surface to a height of no more than 2/32 of an inch. Each spike must be installed vertically (the error is not more than 10 degrees), and the road must simultaneously contact the order of 10 spikes, with significant deviations from this amount are considered undesirable. Installing spikes produced by a pneumatic pistol on a special automatic machine, which will turn the wheel manually. Before installing spikes recommended to lubricate the hole with water, which will play the role of lubrication. But the use of special lubricants based on oil can not.

How much is studded tires?

Most shops installation cost spikes called only after calculate the exact number of spikes needed for each wheel. For example, to studded tire R13 requires approximately 100 spikes. Given the cost of the work, motorists are encouraged to review the prices on the already studded tires, as the purchase of new tires may be even more profitable than the old revision.

Spikes on the thread for winter tires.

Note that there are spikes with a threaded portion, which can be installed on the bus on their own, without resorting to specialized workshops. Such spikes in something similar to self-tapping screws. They can literally screwed into the tire using a drill or screwdriver. Subsequently, they can also be easily removed by using the same tools. When properly installed stud must be 1 mm shorter than the height of the tire tread and its hardened portion should protrude approximately 3 mm.

Spikes for winter tires (specialized equipment).

There are spikes which have significantly hardened portion protrudes above the tread surface. Most often they are used on specialized equipment (for example, quad bikes and off-road vehicle). Such spikes literally pierce the tread and tire cord, and then they screwed nut, which does not allow them to fall into. After such use as a tubeless tire will not succeed.

Running studded tires and after the installation of studs.

First time on studded tires must ride moderately, avoiding sudden acceleration, braking and cornering. It is advisable to travel in this style at least a few days (or 100-200 kilometers). This ensures proper seating stud in the tire. However, the “drive” on studded tires is not recommended even after the break-in, so if you want to extend the life of the tire, it is best to forget about aggressive driving.

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