SsangYong XIV-1 Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

SsangYong unveiled in Frankfurt “vehicle for the comfort of the passengers”. That’s translated transcript of his title XIV-1. According to the Korean concern, shoukar created with an eye on the production of sailing yachts – the personification of boundless freedom and the pleasure of movement.
That sense of openness to the exterior design SsangYong XIV-1 Concept have been used techniques such as extensive glazing and no center pillar. Doors swing open from the middle of the concept and provide the most convenient access to the interior.
The creators of the car claimed that the principle of “to each and every individual”, and tried to design a crossover so that the interior space is comfortable for everyone – the driver and each passenger. Interior SsangYong XIV-1 has several variations transformation and all its seats are moved back and forth, rotated through an angle of 360 degrees.
The engine range is represented by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol and diesel units. Both engines can be combined with both manual and 6 automatic checkpoint.

foto-ssangyong-xiv-1-concept_06-650x487 foto-ssangyong-xiv-1-concept_05-650x487 foto-ssangyong-xiv-1-concept_04-650x487 foto-ssangyong-xiv-1-concept_03-650x487 foto-ssangyong-xiv-1-concept_02-650x487 foto-ssangyong-xiv-1-concept_01-650x487

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