For the first time a model MINI Coupe Concept and the MINI Roadster Concept are shown in the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009. After some time, the company confirmed its plans to launch both versions into production.
In the past few days, both models have been seen on the North Loop of the Nürburgring, reeling test kilometers before the upcoming debut, to be held in September at the same Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.
As can be seen in the photographs, and yet the Roadster and MINI Coupe hide its back under the camouflage tape. Therefore, to judge how the serial version will differ from the earlier concepts is difficult.
In addition, it became known that the company gave the “green light” concept MINI Rocketman, first shown in the spring at the Geneva Motor. The car will be put into production in 2014, however, at the same time deprived of many futuristic solutions, but will keep landing formula 3+1 as well as the trunk, the lower part of which is made ​​retractable.