The compact rear-drive roadster Honda S2000 was first introduced in 1995 as a concept SSM (Sport Study Model), and the world premiere of the model took place in April 1999 and was timed to the 50th anniversary of Honda Motor.
In 2001, the car has undergone restyling in which engineers retuned suspension, a plastic rear window was replaced with glass with de-icing function. Externally, the Honda S2000 has remained almost unchanged, with the exception of lamps retouched.
First-generation model was produced until 2003 at the plant in conjunction with Takanezawa NSX coupe and hybrid Insight. A second-generation production roadster (AP2), started in 2004, the factory was moved to Suzuka. New Honda S 2000 again received a modified suspension and appearance can be recognized by its 17-inch wheels, bumpers and other branch pipes of the exhaust system, as well as the updated lighting technology. Dimensions remained the same: the length of a roadster is 4 133 mm, width – 1750, height – 1270, the value of the wheelbase – 2400 mm, and weight increased to 1286 kg (16 kg more than its predecessor).
In the US market Honda S2000 (AP2) has received an upgraded engine F22C1, working volume is increased to 2.2 liters and peak torque up to 220 Nm. However, the capacity will remain the same.

Honda S2000 Club Racer.

At the auto show in New York 2007, the premiere special version roadster Honda S2000 Club Racer, track-oriented. The car received a stiffer suspension, new tires and an aerodynamic body kit, which includes a front splitter, rear bumper and change wing that increases downforce urovne to 80%, compared with the normal version.
As a result, the model was able to reduce weight by 90 kg. In all there were 100 such machines. At the Geneva Motor Show in 2009 presented the Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition, timed to coincide with the completion of the production model. This special version is different removable hard top, white color body color Grand Prix White, red leather interior and alloy wheels graphite color. Under the hood is a 240-strong two-liter engine VTEC.
A similar version for the UK market is called GT Edition 100, where the number represents the total circulation model. Today, buy a Honda S2000 is possible only on the secondary market. Roadster Price varies on average from $11,200 to $17,700. Offers are not very many, and tuning options models can cost significantly more.