Sport Coupe Toyota GT 86 was turned into a cabrio

Toyota has extended the official photos of the gig the FT-86 Open Top, which will be shown as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. But there is no doubt that very soon this car will certainly go in the series, which will compete with the popular model Mazda MX-5.
Convertible Toyota FT-86 Open Top got soft folding roof, and except for this new appearance is almost exactly a coupe, which in our market is known as the Toyota GT 86. For more information about the open modification is not reported.
In wilted shows that the Toyota GT 86 Convertible flaunting expensive interior trim with two-tone leather upholstery, and not only sports seats, and door panel and steering wheel, and the entire front panel.
It is expected that under the hood of the concept placed the same 2.0-liter 200-horsepower gasoline engine that is put on a version with a rigid roof. However, it is possible that some of its convertible upgraded. Details will be announced later.

foto-gt86-open-top_03 foto-gt86-open-top_02 foto-gt86-open-top_01

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